Add a payment calculator to your site

This payment calculator is embedded within this page with an iFrame. To add a Payment Cruncher payment calculator to your site, copy and paste the code below into your page.

The query string parameters are optional. They can be used to set the title and background color of the calculator to match your website. If you set the background color, ensure that it does not obscure the results or links on the calculator.

The ideal size for the payment calculator is 800 x 550. However, the payment calculator is responsive, so other sizes can be used. Please ensure that the payment calculator is displayed without scrollbars.

In all cases, ensure that the "Powered by Payment Cruncher" and "Amortization Schedule" links are visible. When clicked, these links will open an new tab to display the website.

          <iframe src="" width="800" height="550">Your browser is not compatible with the payment calculator.</iframe>